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Keeping the Flame Alive. Hand holding lit candle.


Creatives are inspired by innumerable sources but perhaps the most powerful is the inspiration we find in each other. As 2020 has prompted unexpected isolation from these wells of inspiration, The Corazón de Trinidad Creative District wishes to gift this show to our community to help us all remember the critical role we each unwittingly play in other creatives' process. 

“Keeping the Flame Alive” is a year-long event that adopts a structure similar to the childhood game of “telephone” or “tag”. A creative submits a work of art in response to the prompt provided by a previous creative that is conveyed via various means in their submission. This aesthetic dialogue will continue with each subsequent nomination of a new artist working in a different medium. The resulting thread yields a glimpse into the interpretative strength of the creative mind, and includes sound, visual, and literary art, as well as various digital media. This thread will develop here on this site, with new additions appearing every two weeks that showcase the creative talent in this iconic area.

KtFA Gallery
Keeping the Flame Alive. Hand holding lit candle.
A Boy and a dog. Formal black and white photo.

Boy and Dog

Artist Unknown


Original Inspiration for Keeping the Flame Alive

Storm on the Plains by Rich Alford

Storm on the Plains

Rich Alford

Oil Paint

Round 1

Inspired by Boy and Dog

Haley is Bull Terrier by Dustin Hyman


Dustin Hyman

Words on Photo

Round 1

Inspired by Boy and Dog

Prayer for Munequita by Kevin Crosby

Prayer for Muñequita

Kevin Crosby

Original Music

Round 1

Inspired by Boy and Dog

Virgil, a relief print of a bear by Amanda Palmer


Amanda Palmer

Relief Print

Round 2

A Prayer for the Cue

A Prayer for The Cue

Tom Nordgren


Round 2

She Had a Wild Hare by Lora Nava. Ceramic sculpture.

She Had A Wild Hare

Lora Nava

Ceramic 14in x 26 in

Round 2

Inspired by Bull-Terrier

Hunting Owl

Hunting Owl

Patrick Arguello


Round 3

Red chair painted with saint with green beard and hair

Chair for Elijah

Brooke Larson

Mixed Media

Round 3

Painting of slanted house and field

Where the rabbits roam

Tracy Wahl


Round 3

Digital painting of mountains and boat on water

Destination Unknown

Antonio Arguello

Digital Painting

Inspired by Hunting Owl

Round 4

Art journal sketch

We Are Animals Too

Doug Holdread

Illustrated Journal Page, Pen and Ink

Inspired by Chair of Elijah

Round 4

Painting of a mountain

Soul Dreams of Summer

Leif Lathrop

Oil on Canvas

Round 4

Yarnscape art nest created with mixed media

Susanne van der Meer

Wool, Paper, Feathers

Round 5

White horse running, mixed media painting on cardboard

Gordon Lucero

Mixed Media

Inspired by We Are Animals Too

Round 5

Antique green glass bowl on doily tablecloth

Ruth Bohlander


Round 5

Pen & Ink, watercolor art portraying "The Wizard King" by Holly Hazelet-Markwalter

The Wizard King

Holly Hazelet-Markwalter

Pen & Ink, Watercolor Pencil

Round 7

Acrylic painting of penguins diving into a house, by Linn Baker


Linn Baker


Round 7

Inspired by The Animal Wife

Canyonland by Jordan Landay. Drip painting.


Jordan Landay

Drip Art

Round 7

Thumbnail - Wizard Gatekeeper of East Je

Kristi Rogers


Round 6

Inspired by New Nest

Hand holding seeds with birds

Annette Meserve

Spoken Word Poetry

Round 6

Inspired by Fire Line Running

Roof reflection with grafiti

Daniel Scullion


Round 6

Inspired by Green Glass

"We the People" gate, created from  "halved" 1951 Studebaker Pickup. Created by Krish Dane and Justice Sealy.

Krish Dane

Steel and Wood Sculpture

Inspired by The Wizard King

Round 8

Buffalos, Oil on Canvas, by Hans Droog

Hans Droog

Oil on Canvas

Inspired by Dive

Round 8

Sampson the spider, Oil on Canvas, by Ariel Rose

Ariel Rose

Oil on Canvas

Inspired by Canyonland

Round 8

The Fox West Theatre by Carol Blatnick-Barros


Carol Blatnick-Barros

Prismacolor, New Pastel/Pencil

Inspired by Misdirection

Round 9

KtFA Gia Near a spirit that never disapp

Near a spirit that never disappears

Gianina Nold


Inspired by Buffalos

Round 9

Mama. Ink on Cardboard by Crystal Rose


Crystal Rose

Ink on Cardboard

Inspired by Sampson

Round 9

White brushstrokes

Coming Soon!

White brushstrokes

Stay Tuned for Round 10!

White brushstrokes

Coming Soon! 

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