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a multimedia salon

January 2020: The Dreaming by Ily Reiling. Koala bear linotype.

January 2020: The Dreaming

Ily Reiling


As we grapple with our ever chaotic and unstable world, we sense that change is imminent. Our feet slide, as the boat of habitual stability is unmoored. As more sails are unfurled, all we know is that we have set off on a new journey. We have the opportunity to create growth for our species and world through compassion, wisdom, and innovation. The possibilities have become apparent during this crisis. Music has brought together communities, as people sing from their quarantined apartments to the first responders and health care workers. Innovation and creative problem solving abound, as scientists and researchers working collaboratively across the world for a vaccine. Home-grown groups of creatives sew masks for hospitals and nursing homes from scrap fabric. Internet platforms provide psychological solace as individuals provide human connection, entertainment, education, and support to strangers.  If necessity is the mother of invention, creativity is invention’s beloved twin sibling.

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