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The Corazón de Trinidad Creative District invites all artists and creatives in Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico to submit their creations to an online multimedia salon, focusing upon the theme: “Survival is Insufficient.” Participants will share how they have continued to be creative during the pandemic. The featured works will include pieces that are thematically connected to artists’ experiences and insights related to the pandemic, as well as other works completed as they have carried on with their lives.

What is a “Salon?”

During the 17th and 18th centuries, salons flourished in Europe. Salons were social and cultural gatherings at which ideas and works of art were presented as a way to cultivate aesthetic and intellectual awareness. The creative district hopes to recreate a multimedia version of those salons in a contemporary setting.

Who are “Creatives?”

“Creatives” are those who use their hands and minds to, yes, create. Those working in all media, including crafts, music, writing, performance arts, quilting, dance, painting, happenings, printmaking or any other creative medium are invited to participate. 

Theme:  Works submitted should be done during the pandemic. They may reflect experience during this unique season of life in two ways; directly reflecting or commenting on the pandemic, or as examples of work simply completed during the timeframe of the pandemic.

Originality:  Original work only. 


Media: This will be a multimedia salon and will include visual, musical, literary and performance pieces. Visual pieces will be presented as static images, and musical and performance pieces will be viewed as artist-produced YouTube videos. Literary pieces will be viewed as text documents, images, or video presentations of the authors reading their work.  

Platform: This salon will take place on the Corazón de Trinidad Creative District website

Eligibility: Participation will be open to artists and creatives working in all media, living within the Corazón de Trinidad Creative District’s service area; Southern Colorado, and Northern New Mexico. There is no entry fee.


Access: The salon may be accessed through the Corazón de Trinidad Creative District website or through the Creative District Facebook page. With dates to be announced, the salon may also run on a loop, projected onto surfaces at the Corazón de Trinidad Creative District Office at 210 W. Main St, Trinidad, CO.


Dates: The salon will open on September 22, The Autumnal Equinox, and remain open as long as it is deemed relevant. Work may be rotated, depending on response.

Submission Requirements

Completed submission form, including: 

  • An artist statement, maximum of 100 words, describing how your submission relates to your life and creative work during the pandemic.

  • For visual artists, a jpeg image of each submission, minimum 300dpi. For other creatives, a URL link to a YouTube video of your submission. (A maximum of 3 submissions.)

  • The elements listed above should be submitted at  


Submissions from group collaborations (two persons or more) are welcome. All participating individuals should ensure their details are included in the same application.

This is not a juried art show, but a salon. While we welcome all submissions, the Creative District Board of Directors reserves the right to reject any deemed inappropriate.

Sales of any work will be neither promoted nor handled by the Corazón de Trinidad Creative District. Any and all sales will be negotiated strictly between the artist and the buyer.

Further Information: If you have questions, contact Doug Holdread at or 719-680-3900.

SII Submission Guidelines
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