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Keeping the Flame Alive. Hand holding lit candle.

Near a spirit that never disappears

Gianina (Gia) Nold


This is a poem I had been working on for a while, but finalized it during the “Workshop for Flexing Curiosity: Write What You Don't Know” session with Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer and Art Goodtimes​ at the 2021 Corazón de Trinidad Creative District Poetry Festival. I read the poem aloud at the Gourd Circle. 

I am a poet, visual artist and teacher in Denver.

Near a spirit that never disappears


In this house    
where mosquitoes live when the hummingbird 
the bird comes and goes away


Where monks are like children    
they look at my green hair
birds have a voice
they bring “nothing” as offerings
space is white space
flies and nail-size ants circle my body        
the garbage hasn’t been picked up 

This is where I am earth
where my black lab hears me
rocks rinse my mind     
I dream the sound of the stream
the next day I am a bug
smaller than my little I
I write this page and the next
when I do what I want
I stop 
to look at the route of elk and deer

This    is where I am rock
a huge rock and a bee with golden wings on me
I am ready for my next destination    
where there is a path and I eat a few cherries
where hummingbirds let me read
paint or tell this story
warm with earth colors    with red insects       with noise
Aspen leaves move with the rhythm of the air
lily ponds exist where the dogs swim
where a rock is woman        
my arms fly         my world is a circle
moon my toy


Where the indigenous are stone Gods     
I wonder about the nature of all suffering?        
I have compassion
where anger is here by a gesture of love        
Anything becomes everything
when I create from joy and wonder
a flower blooms


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