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ROUGH & TUMBLE (dance version)

Kevin Crosby


While the Rona has been keeping me from feeling comfortable performing live music with my usual jammy friends, I created a YouTube channel, Kevin Crosby Music, and started uploading old and creating new music to share with the world. Other than an Alesis SR-18 drum machine on some tracks, all sounds are me on guitars, dulcimer, percussion, vocals, at home alone using a Tascam Digital Portastudio DP-02 and various other toys.

Rough & Tumble is a song I wrote on acoustic guitar in 2017. This version has a different vibe, using drum machine and me on acoustic and electric guitars, bass, djembe, and vocals. Lead guitar and vocals recorded September 2020. The rest was recorded last fall for a solo performance at Brix where I played and sang over my own prerecorded tracks.

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