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The Corazón de Trinidad Creative District presents

Smithsonian Exhibition

Crossroads: Change in Rural America


Nov. 17th 2023 - Jan. 24th, 2024

The Commons @ Space To Create Trinidad
Main Street LIVE Theater
AR Mitchell Museum of Western Art
Berg Little Theater
HR Sayre Senior Center
Fishers Peak State Park
Trinidad History Museum

Help us find photos, portraits or sketches of the Mayors of Trinidad for the last 100 years!

Upload a Photo of a Mayor Now

Our Mission:

The Corazón de Trinidad Creative District supports artists and entrepreneurs through creative initiatives which economically benefit the community, while continually honoring Trinidad's history.


What we do:

The Trinidad Creative District is defined on paper by a loose boundary that encompasses the historic Corazón de Trinidad (Heart of Trinidad) business district. In spirit, the Trinidad Creative District is an inclusive effort to support creatives in our area and help our rural economy find new vibrancy and diversity through the hands and minds of the creative people who reside here.


Construction worker on a ladder building framing
An Exciting Building Phase...

The arts have always played an important role in Trinidad. Right now, however, we are in an exciting building phase, and a large number of developments are in the works that will benefit creatives and those engaged in fostering the arts!

Explore the site to learn more about what's happening, how to get involved, and join us in our efforts!

Pictured above: A worker engaged in the construction of Trinidad's new affordable housing for artists, Space to Create. 

Arts and Culture,
The "Heart" of Trinidad

The Trinidad Creative District is called the "Corazón de Trinidad (Heart of Trinidad)" for good reason. Arts and Culture activities have played a pivotal role in enriching the lives of people in the community and region for centuries. The slide show below contains just a few of the many existing historical photos of the diverse art and culture events and venues in Trinidad and surrounding areas over time. 

Note: All photos here are obtained via a one-time use agreement with the History Colorado and Denver Public Library Special Collections and are subject to their copyright conditions. These images should not be copied, downloaded, or otherwise used without their explicit written permission.   

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